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The Portal is your home base during the bootcamp. It’s where you’ll get your weekly project instructions, curriculum content, and keep track of your progress. To be honest, probably 90% of the questions you’ll have throughout the program are answered in the Portal, so make sure you take advantage of it! 

Portal Basics


Key points from the video:

  • Add to your Bookmarks! [0:19]
  • The lefthand menu lets you navigate to different curriculum sections [0:43]
  • The righthand menu shows you all of the content for the week [2:24]
  • Click “I Finished This” to advance to the next page and update your progress tracker [2:44]

Go ahead and click around to some different pages in the portal to look around! You can always come back to these Program Onboarding pages via the lefthand menu by clicking Bootcamp and then Program Onboarding.

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