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There are a few calls to mark on your calendar leading up to your official program start date. Here’s an overview of each one: 

  • 1:1 Onboarding Call

    This is an opportunity for you and a Praxis Staff member to get to know each other, go over all of the information you need to know prior to starting, and answer any questions you have. You can book a time here.

  • Kick-off Call

    This is a fun, informal time for everyone in your cohort to get to know one another better. This Zoom call is 7:00 pm to 7:45 pm Eastern time on the Wednesday two weeks prior to your program start date. You will receive a calendar invite for this event with more information in the month leading up to your start date.

  • Opening Seminar

    This will be a three-hour deep dive into all things Praxis. You will meet Praxis staff, business partners, program alumni, and the people you will be working with over the next year. This Zoom call is 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm Eastern time on the Wednesday prior to your program start date. You will receive a calendar invite for this event with more information in the month leading up to your start date. 


Before we get into the specifics of your program onboarding deliverables, let’s talk about the Praxis approach of building a portfolio.

As you move through the Praxis portal, you’ll see lots of references to your professional portfolio. The portfolio is a key part of the Praxis approach!

Your body of work speaks louder than any credential ever could. It proves what you’re capable of through tangible evidence — which in turn makes people excited about working with you.

You have a personal brand whether you want to or not. Throughout this program you’re going to be taking ownership of your brand — building online profiles, learning to tell your story, and working on personal and professional projects. 

Why the Praxis approach to education and securing jobs is important: The world as your parents knew it has changed. Praxis Founder Isaac Morehouse explains how in the video below.



Time to Get Started

Before your start date, you’ll be completing 5 quick deliverables (the basic stuff you’ll need to start the program). You’ll find details on each deliverable at the bottom of this page. These are due by your program start date!

Each of these deliverables is a building block for the rest of your Praxis experience. You’ll be using your professional headshot on all your profiles and your new email address for all communications with both Praxis and our business partners. Your profiles (personal website, Talent profile, and LinkedIn) will house all of your work for the program.

When you’ve finished all five deliverables, you’ll submit them all together here in the portal. The final page, Submit Your Deliverables, contains a form that you’ll fill out to send everything to the Praxis team. You must submit these deliverables before your scheduled start date in order to begin the bootcamp. If you haven’t submitted these items by your scheduled start date, we will delay your start to the next cohort.

Questions about your deliverables? Reach out to Sara Morrison.


Deliverable 1

Professional Headshot

Submit a professional headshot that will be used on the Praxis Talent Portal.

Deliverable 2

Email 101

Set up a professional email address if you don’t already have one and learn the basics of professional email communication.

Deliverable 3

LinkedIn Profile

Set up your LinkedIn profile, add your previous work experience, and display your value adds.

Deliverable 4

Your Personal Website

This will be your home on the web where you put your brand and your work on display.

Deliverable 5

Your Talent Profile

Build your platform for showing your skills and your work to hiring managers.

Submit Your Deliverables

Submit your deliverables to the program staff before you start your first month.

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