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Welcome to Placement!

Throughout the bootcamp, you’ve been learning the professional skills you need to succeed at a business partner, and you’ve been building out the professional portfolio you need to impress hiring managers and land jobs. Placement is where you’ll start the discovery process of finding the next step in your career!

The goal of the Placement process is to make sure you’re prepared to navigate the process of landing awesome employment, both for your first role through Praxis and in the years beyond. We want not only to introduce you to the great companies in our network, but also to help you understand how the hiring market works, what’s important to hiring managers, the best places to find job opportunities, and what businesses look for when they’re vetting applicants. We want you to crush the Praxis hiring process and also crush any other hiring process you go through in the future. This is a skill you’re going to be using for the rest of your career!

How Placement Works

The overall goal of placement is for you to land a role, and there a number of ways for that to happen.

Praxis Hiring Partners will ask to interview you

Hiring partners come to us on a regular basis to fill their hiring needs. They often will go directly to our talent pool to view profiles and then request an introduction to interview a group of Praxians. Our hiring partners are very excited to meet Praxis candidates for their roles, but you’ll still have to impress them. Remember these businesses are separate entities from Praxis; they have their own needs, and you’ll be going through a standard interview process with each one.

Praxis Advisors will send you suggested opportunities

Each week your advisors will be adding new job opportunities to the Praxis Opportunities Board and sending a few tailored opportunities directly to you. You aren’t required to go after the opportunities we suggest, and your feedback to us will help us prospect new roles so in the future. Remember, this is your job hunt!

You will hunt for your own opportunities

Again, placement is all about you landing a role! If you have an interest outside of our hiring partner network, outside of the opportunities suggested to you, and even outside of the Praxis Opportunities Board, go for it! We will support you in crafting a pitch, applying to the role, and through the interview process like any other role.

Need Help?

Be sure to use the placement Slack channel to get answers to your questions and feedback on your deliverables. Collaboration is huge during this process – you’ll want to “learn out loud” as much as possible and connect with others in order to build your professional network.  No matter what question you have, the chances are almost absolute that other people are wondering too — so ask it out loud! Your advisors are here to help.

Placement Advisor:  Jackie Nevins

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