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Building Self-Publishing School w/ Chandler Bolt
About the workshop
Chandler Bolt dropped out of college at age 19 to found Self-Publishing School, now a Fortune 5000 company doing $20m/year. In this workshop we talk about career development, Chandler's favorite books, the Self-Publishing School writing process, and Chandler's top pieces of advice for becoming a published author.
About the host
Chandler Bolt is a college drop-out and the founder and CEO of Self-Publishing School.
Copywriting + Customizing Your Praxis Experience
About the workshop
Jerrod Harlan walks us through how he approached his Praxis experience and used the program to help him launch a copywriting career — in which he’s now making six figures.
About the host
Jerrod Harlan is a Praxis alum that has built a career as a successful freelance copywriter. He is also heavily involved in the sales subcommunity of the program.
Improving Your Public Speaking Using Human Connection
About the workshop
This session’s topic: the importance of human connection as a communicator, and how to use connection to level up your public speaking. This is a great workshop for anyone looking to level up their communication skills.
About the host
Abigail Kish is a Praxis alumna that has 3 national championship speaking titles, has presented at a number of conferences and events, and is the founder of Lyceum Communication.

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