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Use Social Media, But Don't Let it Use You
About the workshop
In this Praxis Monday workshop, we are joined by Lolita Allgyer, Praxis Alum and community & sales leader at Copy Chief. A few months ago Lolita made the decision to shut down most of her social media and instead focus on connecting through other online communities. We dive into how she came to that decision and workshop how you can get more return on your investment of attention in the social media that you use.
About the host
Lolita Allgyer is a Praxis alum and an alumni of the Praxis team. She is currently a Community & Sales Leader at Copy Chief and a freelance copywriter.
How to Succeed as the First Hire at a Startup
About the workshop
In this Praxis Monday workshop, we are joined by Darlene Dang, Product and Community Lead at Edvo, to learn from her experience making the jump from science to EdTech and what it's like to be the first employee at a startup.
About the host
Darlene Dang is the Product and Community Lead at Edvo, a startup that’s helping people stay focused and think better online. She’s employee #1 at Edvo, and has 6 years of knowledge in the edtech space. She’s held roles in customer success, operations and analytics, and now product management where she specializes in community-led product building.
Building Your Mental Fitness
About the workshop
In this Praxis Monday workshop, we are joined by Fyfe Barraclough, founder of Uplife Mental Fitness, to dive into everything you should know about mental fitness.
About the host
Fyfe Barraclough is the founder of Uplife Mental Fitness

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