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It’s really here — the start of your Praxis experience.

This week, we’re going to be digging deep into a handful of topics: how to manage your schedule and time, how to organize your tasks, and how customer success roles work. You’ll be building a customer success project and writing a blog post.

If it sounds like we’re going to be covering a lot of ground, you’re right — but we’ll also show you how to break down and schedule your work. Plan for about ten hours worth of deliverables and content — and remember that “on time” is “just barely getting by,” and that you always want to finish things early.

Our top tip to crush this week: follow the schedule we have below and try to wrap up your work by EOD on the 6th. Your deliverable deadline is midnight EST on the 7th, but don’t wait! The best time to start building great habits is right now.

Here’s what we’re covering this week:

Role type: Customer Success

The skills you’re going to be gaining:

  • How to use Google Calendar (especially as a tool to manage your work schedule)
  • How to use a task manager (Trello, Asana, or Notion) to organize your workflow
  • How to use a customer success tool (which you’ll be learning in your project)

Your deliverables for the week (all due by the 7th. You’ll find a submission form at the end of this week’s content):

  • Setting up your Praxis schedule and task management system
  • Building a customer success project, in which you’ll learn to use a tech tool, set it up for a real business, and record a video walk-through showing what you did.
  • A blog post about customer success

We’re also going to be talking about the most important mindsets to embody in the startup world, how the career landscape works (what types of opportunities exist and what hiring managers are looking for when they fill them), and the philosophy behind building a professional portfolio as a signal.

Here’s how we recommend scheduling your work this week:

Day 2
Day 3

On the next page, you’ll be officially setting up your Praxis schedule for the week. Are you ready? Click the button below and let’s get to it.

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